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39 Steps (goth rock, punk)

39 Steps were an alternative rock/punk rock band from Montreal, Quebec best known for their single "Slip into the Crowd", a song they originally performed in the late 1970s as The 222s, which they are featured playing in the Woody Allen film Hannah and Her Sisters in a scene set at CBGB NYC. Their name is taken from the classic work The Thirty-Nine Steps. 39 Steps enjoyed a considerable amount of commercial and critical success for a band of their ilk in the 1980s, with their sound gradually devolving back to the stripped down punk of the 222s from the initial goth-tinged rock of their early recordings. Over a three-year period in the mid-late 1980s, the group was signed and dropped by both Polygram and Chrysalis Records without any new 39 Steps albums being released.

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39 Steps - 39 Steps (EP) - 1985.jpg

39 Steps (EP) - 1985

39 Steps - Slip Into The Crowd -

Slip Into The Crowd - 1987



Slip Into The Crowd


Sex In Miami

Stay Faithless

Freak Show

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A1 Slip Into The Crowd 4:14                               A2 She 3:36

A3 The Last Time 4:16                                        A4 Stay Faithless 4:10

B1 Sex In Miami 4:00                                          B2 Mister You're A Better Man Than I 3:15

B3 Freak Show 3:13                                           B4 The First, The Last 4:06

39 Steps - Neon Bible - 1993.jpg


(All Roads Lead to) Babylon                             My Infatuation

The First, The Last                                           When in Rome

Someday is Today                                            A Taste of Poison

City of Vice                                                       Who Do You Please

Rubber Prick                                                    Possibilities

Neon Bible - 1993

39 Steps - All Kinds Of Shit 85-87 - 201


1. Priscilla 03:32                                     2. Let's Flirt With Danger 03:16

3. Hit It Up 03:14                                    4. I'll Take the Blame 04:25

5. Something New 03:03                        6. Always Tomorrow 04:37

7. City of Vice [alternate] 03:25              8. A Taste of Poison [alternate] 03:35

9. [Jump on the] Death Train 04:02       10. Someday is Today [original] 03:33

11. Just Amphetamine 03:50                 12. Teachers 04:22

13. American Woman 03:11

All Kinds Of Shit 85-87 - 2014

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