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Apollo Ghosts (indie, alternative rock)

Apollo Ghosts is an indie rock band formed in Nanaimo in 2009. They were based in Vancouver, British Columbia until the project ended in 2013. The band consists of singer and guitarist Adrian Teacher, bassist and guitarist Jason Oliver, bassist Jarrett K, and drummer Amanda Panda.  The group released their first album, Hastings Sunrise, in 2009, and followed up with Mount Benson in 2010. The latter album was a longlisted nominee for the 2010 Polaris Music Prize. In addition, the group has released three EPs, Forgotten Triangle Cedar Street, and Money Has No Heart, as well as a split 7" with the band Role Mach. Their 3rd album, Landmark, was released May 15, 2012.

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Apollo Ghosts - Hastings Sunrise - 2008.

Hastings Sunrise - 2008


Dobermans                                                      Land Of The Morning Calm

Yan's Going Back To Peking, Man                   Little Yokohama

Ghost, Get Out Of My Apartment                     Maybe With Me

Angel Acres                                                     Bad Apple

Shadow Boxing Bruce Lee                              Late Night Chinese Restaurants

Day By Day                                                     Proof On Tape

While You're Up There                                    Hastings Sunrise

Apollo Ghosts - Mount Benson - 2010.jpg


A1 Wakesiah                                        A2 Charms Of Cars

A3 Coka-Cola Admen                                     A4 To: A Friend Who Has Been Through A War

A5 Witchcraft Lake                                         A6 Brown To Grey

B1 Samurai Chatter                                        B2 Sons Of Norway

B3 Hub City                                                    B4 Salmon Capital

B5 Attaquez! Attaquez! Attaquez!                   B6 Things You Go Through

B7 Snow On Mount Benson

Mount Benson - 2010


    1. I'd Burn it All Down (For You)                                                 2. You're Killing My Love

    3.Slow Moving Train                                                                   4. Gold Star

    5.The Monarch and the Wrecking Ball                                       6. Love, Bettike

    7. Forgiveness is Free                                                                8. The Art of Letting Go

    9. All Our Days                                                                          10. New Religion

   11. Hungry Ghost                                                                        12. A Slip in the Rain

   13. Everywhere I Go

Monarch - 2017

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