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Bass Is Base (R&B, hip hop)

Bass is Base was an R&B group based in North York, Ontario. They formed in 1993 and consisted of Chin Injeti on bass, Ivana Santilli on keyboards, and MC Mystic (Roger Mooking) on percussion. All three members contributed vocals, Injeti and Santilli as singers and Mystic as a rapper. In 1994 the band recorded their first album, First Impressions for the Bottom Jigglers, and released it through their self-created label, "SoulShack". They also released a single from the album, "Funkmobile", which was played on MuchMusic, and this led to a recording contract with A&M Records. The album won a Juno Award in the Best R&B/Soul Recording category in 1995. After Bass is Base disbanded, Santilli went on to a release three solo albums. Injeti works as a producer and bass player; in 2005 he produced "hick-hop" artist Ridley Bent's debut release, Blam.

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Bass Is Base - First Impressions For The


First Impressions 1:29                                    Funkmobile 4:10

Basement Tapes 3:22                                    Sweet Melody 3:45

Diamond Dreams 4:18                                   Days Of The Week 1:21

Do You? 3:54                                                 Rarry Ro-Ro 0:48

Straws, Sticks & Bricks 4:11                          Westside Funk 6:05

Breakbeat 1:39

First Impressions For the Bottom Jigglers - 1994

Bass Is Base - Memories Of The Soulshack


Memories 1:06                                            Funkmobile 4:24

Strwas Stix & Bricks 4:25                           Wild & Mellow 4:38

I Cry 3:56                                                    My Roots 1:11

Soma 3:57                                                  WestSide Funk (W.S.F.) 4:36

Floating 4:14                                               Into My Heart 3:15

Diamond Dreams 3:40                               Chocolate Factory 0:47

Do You 2:59                                                Why 4:20

Days Of The Week 1:18                             Sweet Melody 4:38

Memories Of The Soulshack Survivors - 1995


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