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Beausejour (country, francophone)

Two artists, with impressive roadmaps, have developed an album concept that allows us to meet two regions of our vast country.  Two artists with very different backgrounds join forces to regions of our country, the Prairies and the East Coast. Danny Boudreau and Jocelyne Baribeau are Beausejour!  Anchored in the "Big Sky Country" of Manitoba, Danny and Jocelyne completed their first 21 tour date in Spring 2018, released their self-titled debut in 2019, and a second Canadian Tour in Spring 2020.

Beausejour - Beausejour - 2019.jpg

Beausejour - 2019

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1 Au Large Des Prairies                                2 Lucille Starr

3 Julia                                                           4 Le Vieux Country

5 Paul Et Marie-Paule                                   6 Grande Petite-Vallée

7 La Rue Cartier                                           8 Pays Des Bayous

9 Nashville                                                   10 84 Saisons