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Black Halos

Vancouver, British Columbia

The Black Halos are a Vancouver, BC based punk rock band. Their music also included some glam rock.  The band was founded in 1993 by lead singer Billy Hopeless and guitarist Rich Jones, and at first was called The Black Market Babies. They released their first album, Black Halos (Die Young Stay Pretty) in 1999.  The Black Halos' fourth album, We Are Not Alone, came out in 2008.  The band had a setback later that year after having their equipment stolen while on tour and later they decided to disband.  The band reformed in 2016, with Hopeless and Jones as well as some new members.  - Wikipedia



Associated Acts

Years Active


1993 - 2008, 2016 - present



Some Things Never Fail

Darkest Corners

Three Sheets To The Wind


Music & Merch

The Black Halos - 1999

The Violent Years - 2001

Alive Without Control - 2005

We Are Not Alone - 2008

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