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Blimp Rock (alternative rock, folk)

Blimp Rock is an indie folk rock band from Toronto, Ontario. Their music has been described as quirky and sincere and has been compared to The Burning Hell and Lou Reed. Their live performances have been said to include a PowerPoint presentation and the selling of outdated office equipment.  In October 2015, Blimp Rock requested royalties from the Toronto Blue Jays for their 2012 song "Oh Baseball." In a Facebook post, the group claimed to have invented the "Come Together" slogan adopted by the Major League Baseball team in February, 2015.  While the royalty claim proved unsuccessful, the dispute led to a large amount of hate mail being sent to the band, ultimately providing them with the material for the music video "In The Doghouse."

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Blimp Rock - Blimp Rock - 2013.jpg

Blimp Rock - 2013


1. Blimp Rock Live 03:43                                2. In General 02:52

3. Lake Ontario Lifeguards 03:58                    4. 401 04:34

5. The Love That Treats You Right 01:57       6. First Date On A Full Moon 04:39

7. Monogamy Blues 05:45                              8. Band Breakup 02:44

9. If My Friends Ran The Government 02:44  10. Oh, Baseball 05:37

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Blimp Rock - Sophomore Slump - 2015.jpg


Will It Ever? 1:54                                           Sophomore Slump 2:26

Vampires 2:39                                                Sensitive Boys 4:10

My Mind Is A Shark 3:22                               Music Industry Blues 3:51

Conflict Resolution 3:27                                Blimp Rock Live 22:11

Let's All Stay In Tonight 3:14                         In The Doghouse 4:47

Sophomore Slump - 2015

Blimp Rock - Soap Opera - 2017.jpg


1 Blimp Rock Live 3                                 2 Wet Hot Canadian Summer

3 Dear Science                                        4 Duet With The Devil

5 I Love My Cat                                        6 Raccoon Nation

7 Raccoon Nation 2                                 8 Oh, Basketball

9 Ode To Faults

Soap Opera - 2017