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Brian Blain (folk, blues)

Brian Blain, born in rural Quebec and active in the music scene for forty years, possesses a “northern” style that gives him a cool edge that just can’t be found in any other artist. His easy blend of folk and blues is a running commentary on life as he sees it.  Since arriving in Toronto in 1990, Brian Blain has been a quiet, enduring presence in Canadian roots music. He has worked in just about every aspect of the music business on stage and behind the scenes as a recording artist, sideman, producer, manager, music writer/editor, publisher, director and tireless promoter of Canadian blues artists.  Ever since his 1973 recording, "The Story of the Magic Pick", Brian has been providing his wry commentary on the music scene. “Now here’s something you don’t hear every day: a bluesman singin’ the blues about how lousy the blues singin’ business is these days” - Jeffrey Morgan, DETROIT METRO TIMES - Brian Blain

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Brian Blain - Who Paid You To Give me Th

Who Paid You To Give Me The Blues - 1999


1 Who Paid You to Give Me the Blues? 2:59       2 Worry Worry 2:53

3 I Can't Say That I Lost You 3:00                       4 Entrepreneurial Blues 3:08

5 The Big Fire 4:24                                              6 Outlaw of Megantic 5:27

7 Girlfriend Blues 3:53                                         8 Ten Worlds 3:19

9 Y2K Blues 3:38                                                 10 Vulcan Heart 5:03

11 Dump That Lump 2:43                                    12 Computer Club Queen 2:07

13 The TV Shuffle 3:06

Brian Blain - Overqualified For The Blue

Over-Qualified For The Blues - 2005


1 Saab Story                                                        2 Blues Is Hurtin

3 No More Meetings                                            4 Overqualified For The Blues

5 Enfant Choisi                                                    6 Terrace Inn

7 El-Tech Blues                                                    8 I'm A Little Mixed Up

9 Sailing                                                              10 One Way Ticket

11 Peace                                                             12 One More Weasel

13 The Big Fire

Brian Blain - New Folk Blues 2.0 - 2013.

New Folk Blues 2.0 - 2013


1 Forgotten                                                          2 The Day Coke Saved The Blues

3 Treasure Beach                                                4 Another Song About Alice

5 Ramene Moi Domaon                                      6 Don't Blame The Bass Player

7 The Old Whaler's Confession                          8 Ghost Of Clinton's Tavern

9 Last Time I Saw Lenny

Brian Blain - I'm Not Fifty Anymore - 20

I'm Not Fifty Anymore - 2020


1 I’m Not Fifty Anymore 3:07                              2 You Are Also His Son 4:50

3 Le Blues Des Cantons (Goodbye Sherbrooke) 4:22

4 The Mother I Never Knew 3:58

5 Not Worried Blues (An American Dream) 3:37

6 Water Song 5:27                                             7 Tai Chi Ten (A Meditation) 9:57

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