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British North America Act (psychedelic, pop rock)

The British North American Act were a 1960's psychedelic band based out of Montreal, Quebec. The group featured five members from various areas of the world -- Hungary, England and Canada. Their only album, 'In The Beginning' (1968), featured sunshine pop elements of The Association and The Turtles along with more roots oriented songs a la Buffalo Springfield. Adopting the name of the British statute which created Canada in 1867, the band came together with Andy Bator (keyboards), Bob Allen (lead guitar), Dave McCall (drums), Rick Elger (rhythm guitar), and Kirk Armstrong (bass guitar). In the early 1970s, Now Records went bankrupt; the British North American Act disbanded soon after.

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In The Beginning - 1969

British North America Act - In The Begin


See How Free 2:04                                     Baby Jane Days And Nights 2:43

Only A Dream 2:53                                      Joe Cool 2:23

The World Would Understand 2:36             I'll Find A Way 2:00

Just How You Feel 2:41                              Corduroy Coat 2:05

Give Yourself A Ride 2:00                           If You're Looking For Honey 2:09

Don't Run Away 2:29                                  All The World Is In Your Eyes 2:11


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