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Bruce Haack

Nordegg, Alberta

Born on May 4, 1931 in Nordegg, Alberta, Bruce Clinton Haack is one of the pioneers of electronic music during the 50's and 60's. Prolific composer behind a huge span of wildy creative, from electronic childrens songs to satanic music, as well as being an inventor of weird musical instruments like the Theremin-inspired Magic Wand and the Dermatron, a device that worked off the natural conductivity of the human body.  Bruce Haack robotic songs were a precedent to the work of Synth Pop artists from the 70's such as Kraftwerk and Gary Numan, and his quasy-psychedelic electronic music was a clear influence in the Space Rock music.  Bruce Haack died in September 1988 at the age of 57.   - Wikipedia



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Rain Of Earth

Party Machine

Cherubic Hymn


Music & Merch

The Electric Lucifer - 1970

Captain Entropy - 1974

Hush Little Robot - 1998

Electric Lucifer Book 2 - 1978

Bite - 1974

This Old Man - 1975

Haackula - 1977

The Electric Voice - 2010

Remixes - 2012

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