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C.B. Victoria (rock, pop)

As a young boy in a choir school in England Edwin Coppard sang Gregorian chants. In Canada, as young man in high school in British Columbia, he was the keyboard player for the band The Shockers. With the collapse of the band he pursued a solo career under the name C.B. Victoria and had a minor hit with “Come See My Man” in 1975 off his only album ‘Dawning Day’ (1976). By 1986, Coppard realized he could teach anyone to sing. In 1989 he met motivational guru Tony Robbins who asked Coppard to teach at his ‘Life Mastery Course’ and still does so today. - Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia


Dawning Day - 1976

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You Make Everything Alright 2:39                              I Don't Believe In Miracles 3:30

Rebecca 3:50                                                            Anytime At All 2:24

Daybreak Memories 3:40                                          To Claudia On Thursday 2:40

Natalie 2:48                                                               Come And See My Man 3:19

Dawning Day 3:46

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