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Cargo (psychedelic, jazz rock)

The Toronto based psychedelic quartet Cargo began as the Prophets in the mid-'60s. Then they renamed themselves The City Suite and finally adapted the name Cargo. As Cargo they released two LPs and two 7-inch singles before they split up in 1971. The music is dreamy psychrock with some mild jazzy atmospheric improvisations and a couple of spoken freak-out parts inbetween the tracks. Originally copies of Front Side Back Side, released in 1969 on Merv Buchanan's Trend label, also responsible for the Bent Wind LP, are very rare. Members included Mike Proudfoot (guitar) / Ray Parker (organ) / Garth Vogan (bass) / Norm Foster (drums) / Les Judson.

Cargo - Front Side Back Side - 1969.jpg


Black Window 4:01                                            Talk With Us 7:31

Child Of The Playroom  3:05                             Dubious 2:55

Alisa 3:47                                                          Habits And Jails 4:51

Only My Best Friends Can Tell 2:06                 Say Goodbye 2:53

Front Side, Back Side - 1969

Cargo - Simple Things - 1970.jpg


Initial Mailing 4:15                                             Geordy 3:00

Serenade To A Cuckoo 5:52                              The Old Woman 2:06

Simple Things 2:52                                           Calvin Fell Out 1:59

Rural Route  13:01                                            Pachyderm (In Your Head) 7:15

Simple Things - 1970


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