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Clio (blues, jazz, gospel)

Born in Montreal, she began her singing career at the age of 12 in the state of New York in Brooklyn in the Gospel Choir of the family church. Valérie Clio grew up with Rhythm and Blues.  Since the release of her debut My First Blues in 2009, she has collaborated with such artists as Webster, Dawn Tyler Watson, Paul Deslauriers, Harry Manx, Steve Mariner, and many others.  Clio & The BluesHighway has been on a roll. This is no doubt why the band won all the prestigious Festiblues International de Montréal awards in 2007, two Blues Lys in 2008, one of which won by Valérie Clio artist of the year, was listed for three more in 2009, in addition to a 2010 Maple Blues Award nomination.

Clio - My First Blues - 2009.jpg


1 Moving With My Baby 3:15                            2 My Father Was A Dragon 3:48

3 Enough 2:51                                                  4 Go Go Go !3:10 

5 Falling For You 6:19                                      6 Black Coffee 4:22

7 Party All Night Long 3:20                              8 Clock On The Wall 4:08

9 Oh Yeah! 3:22                                              10 Putting Me Down 3:09

11 Stuck In Memphis 5:26                              12 My First Blues 4:58

My First Blues - 2009


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Clio - L'Autre Nous - 2015.jpg


1 Mieux Que Parfaite                                      2 J'Veux Pas Que Tu M'aimes

3 Oxygène                                                      4 Mr. Le Vendeur

5 Reste                                                           6 Tout Est Pareil

7 Quelqu'un M'a Dit                                        8 Donne-Moi Ta Peau

9 Le Love                                                       10 J'Attends Tout

11 Vôtre                                                          12 J'Entends Mes Pas

13 Boum Clac Jam!

L'Autre Nous - 2015

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