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Cobra Ramone (rock, blues)

Cobra Ramone might have been a fraction as happy finishing high-school and becoming a Quantum Physicist at NASA as she is playing music but probably not. Legend has it she was born punch-dancing in a coastal town in New Jersey, stole a car at the age of 3 and moved to the oil and cowboy city of Calgary, Alberta. Having a mixture of musical favorites like Howlin' Wolf, Motorhead and O.D.B has turned Cobra into a Gibson SG wielding musical mutt with roots in JD soaked scuzzy blues-rock. In 2011 she moved to a tiny and dangerous island in South America where she wrote some of the songs on her new self titled record.

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Cobra Ramone - The Flood (EP) - 2011.jpg

The Flood (EP) - 2011

Cobra Ramone - Cobra Ramone - 2012.jpg

Cobra Ramone - 2012

Cobra Ramone - Bang Bang (EP) - 2015.jpg

Bang Bang (EP) - 2015

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