Coco Love Alcorn (jazz, blues, pop)

Coco Love Alcorn is a pop and jazz singer from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The daughter of jazz singer John Alcorn, she released her debut album in 1995. She subsequently toured as an opening act for Burton Cummings, Chantal Kreviazuk, Jesse Cook and Ani DiFranco, and performed on some Lilith Fair dates.  She is also a frequent backing vocalist for 54-40, and her music frequently appears on television series The Dead Zone and The L Word.  "Throughout my career I have explored across many genres, collaborations and projects, taking a winding path to get to here,” she says. “But I’ve loved every step of my journey and trusted my inner curiosity to take me where it wanted to go.”

Coco Love Alcorn - 1995

Joyful - 2009

Play - 2011

Wonderland - 2016

Rebirth - 2019

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