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Guelph, Ontario

Constantines is an indie rock band from Guelph, Ontario.  The band was formed by Steve Lambke, Bryan Webb, Doug MacGregor, and Dallas Wehrle in 1999, following the break-up of Webb and MacGregor's emotional hardcore band Shoulder.  The name of the band is taken from an episode of Coast to Coast with Art Bell, in which Bell was playing recordings of ghost voices in static, and one of the ghosts’ names was Constantine.  From their hometown of Guelph the band relocated to London, Ontario and then to Toronto, where in 2001 they released their self-titled first album. Constantines enjoyed widespread play on campus radio and was nominated for a Juno Award for Best Alternative Album. - Wikipedia



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1999–2010, 2014–present


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Constantines - 2001

Shine A Light - 2003

The Modern Sinner Nervous Man - 2002

Nighttime - 2003

Tournament Of Hearts - 2005

Kensington Heights - 2008

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