Rock My World Canada presents - Canadian Blues         Reference & Collector's Guide by Mike Carr

Paperback: 237 pages

Publisher: Rock My World Canada (2020)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-7753622-1-0

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Release Date September 21, 2020

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Canadian Blues is the second in a series of reference and collectors guides from Rock My World Canada! This guide contains all things Canadian Blues.  This issue contains 215 full colour pages, over 700 artists and nearly 2800 album covers. Although it is not a full discography of each artist, collectors may find this a valuable resource and starting point when on the search for Canadian blues artists. New in this guide are lists of blues festivals, societies, record labels and for those that like live music, there is now an Autograph page.

Gary Kendall, from the legendary Downchild Blues Band and the Mighty Duck Blues Band writes this:  “Finally someone has stepped up and dedicated hours, days, months and years to a project that documents what Canada has contributed to the world’s wealth of Blues recordings. Canadian Blues, Reference & Collectors Guide bears witness to a growing art form.  Flip through the pages, find music you’ve missed or overlooked and remind yourself of pieces you may have forgotten.  Mostly remember one thing, “You Can’t Lose If You Love The Blues”.

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"I find the amount of research you’ve done and information you have presented to be staggering. It is really well done!"  Sarah French, Sarah French Publicity

"Well done, and it appears to be about up to date as you can get." Holger Peterson, Host of CBC's Saturday Night Blues, owner Stony Plain Records

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