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Prototype (rock, pop)

Following stints with the likes of Painter, Hammersmith, 451° and then production duties on albums by Pretty Rough, White Wolf and Qwest, Dan Lowe decided once again to try another stab at a recording career. Envisioned as a studio project, Lowe brought back Steckler from 451° and built the act around consummate Canadian keyboardist/arranger Doug Riley (Dr. Music) as lead vocalist. Lowe produced their solitary with assistance from the band. Lowe would later go on to create an innovative studio sound technique called Q-Sound in 1998; Island released a self-titled CD in 1989; Riley died August 27, 2007. - Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

Prototype - Prototype - 1983.jpg
Prototype - Prototype - 1983.jpg

Prototype - 1983


Behind Your Eyes 4:01                              Video Kids 3:36

Mean Street 3:40                                       I'm Sorry 4:14

Communique 3:41                                     Live Forever 3:43

Soldier 4:29                                               I Want You 3:45

Any Moment 3:35                                      Money Talks 3:12


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