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Dallas Harms (country, folk)

Dallas Harms (July 18, 1935 – October 12, 2019) was a country music singer-songwriter. Twenty of Harms' singles made the RPM Country Tracks charts, including the number one single "Honky Tonkin' (All Night Long)." Harms was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 1989. Harms was born in Jansen, Saskatchewan, but was raised in Hamilton, Ontario, and was awarded the Hamilton Music Awards Lifetime Achievement Award for 2016. He died in Hamilton on October 12, 2019.

Dallas Harms - Paper Rosie - 1975.jpg

Paper Rosie - 1975


Paper Rosie 4:00                                     In The Loving Arms Of My Marie 3:03

Ruby's Lips 3:11                                       The Locket 2:55

Julie, I Think Its Going To Rain 2:37        Georgia I'm Cheating On You Tonight 3:10

In Your Arms For A While 3:09                 The Road 2:44

Ol' Fashion Love 3:04                              Old Ira Gray 3:54


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Dallas Harms - The Fastest Gun -


The Fastest Gun                                    I Picked A Daisy

Master Of The Classical Guitar             A Violin That Hasn't Been Played

Now It's Crying Time For Me                 Lean On Me

If I Could Write A Song                          Was It Worth It All

The Stranger                                         I'm Glad I Took The Time

The Fastest Gun - 1978

Dallas Harms - Painter Of Words - 1979.j


A1 Shelly's Last Request                     A2 You're A Memory

A3 Mama Sold Roses                          A4 I Might Be In Tulsa (For A While)

A5 I'll Miss You To-Morrow                  B1 The Legend Of The Duke

B2 Rendezvous For Lovers                 B3 Old Ira Gray (The Children's Candyman)

B4 Little Annie Brown                          B5 In The Loving Arms Of My Marie

Painter Of Words - 1979

Dallas Harms - Out Of Harms Way - 1982.j


A1 Country Fever                                 A2 Fooling With Fire

A3 Driving You Out Of My Mind           A4 Eyes Of A Stranger

A5 Too Good To Stop Now                  B1 Honky Tonkin' (All Night Long)

B2 One Nighter                                    B3 Never Been To Spain

B4 Slice Of Life                                    B5 Get Along Little Doggie

Out Of Harms Way - 1982