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Dawn Gibson (indie rock)

Dawn Gibson is an indie rock guitarist from London, Ontario.  At age 12, she formed her first band and won a trophy for the open band competition in Toronto through the Ontario Conservatory of Music. She was the founder of the bands Darkest Dawn and Becoming Dawn, and was the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, backup vocals on studio tracks. As Mixed Trix she  toured extensively across Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, PEI and New York State. In November 2020 Dawn released her solo album Out Of The Dark.

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Out Of The Dark - 2020


1. It's Not Who I Am 02:51                                         2. Walk 02:57

3. It's What I Need 03:04                                           4. Remember Me 03:37

5. Pretty Little Tears 04:35                                         6. Light of Tomorrow 03:35

7. Radical Acceptance 03:18                                    8. So Into You 02:40

9. Watch Me 05:53                                                   10. All the Lies 03:27


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