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Dear Youth (punk, pop punk)

Dear Youth is Pop Punk/Emo band from Montréal, QC who formed in December 2015 by Jared Zuckerman, Brendan Pilon, Jacob Saray, Eduardo Fonseca Arraes and Devon Cleary all with the similar interest of writing songs that just felt good. The band released their debut EP titled, Over the Bridge, in October of 2016. The lyrics address the feelings of loss and youth, the challenges of adulthood, growing up and the changes that accompany these times. The name of the band reminds us to look at our own youth with dear nostalgia while looking ahead and figuring out what we are missing.

dear youth.jpg
Dear Youth - Over The Bridge - 2016.jpg

Over The Bridge - 2016

Dear Youth - You Could Wish Me the Best

You Could Wish Me The Best (EP) - 2018

Dear Youth - Heirloom - 2020.jpg

Heirloom - 2020


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