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Eight Seconds (new wave, synth pop)

Eight Seconds was a synthpop/progressive rock band formed in 1982 in Ottawa, Ontario. They are best known for their 1987 top-20 single "Kiss You (When It's Dangerous)" from the full-length album Almacantar. The band's lineup included Andrés del Castillo (vocals/guitar), March Cesare (bass), Frank Levin (keyboards), Scott Milks (drums), and Marc Parent (guitar). Originally, Eight Seconds was a cover band playing local bars in Ottawa, but one of their first originals, "Where's Bula?", won the CHEZ 106's Sharechez '83 homegrown contest.

 The summer of 1987 found the band back in Canada as nominees for a Juno Award in 1987 for "Most Promising Group" and six CASBY Awards (Best Single, Most Promising Group, Best Group, Best Video, Best Album Art).

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Almacantar - 1986

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Sincere 4:26                                          Kiss You (When It’s Dangerous) 4:06

Call And A Cry 4:10                               Just Pretend 4:33

Commissioner St. 4:41                          Where’s Bula 4:38

Zoë 4:53                                                Wings 4:44

Listen 5:18                                             Land Of The Monster 4:36

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Here Stood Troy 6:33                          No Picasso 5:04

Tell Diane 4:45                                     Chopin's Heart 4:51

We Set Him Free 5:04                         Thorn In My Side 4:08

Beyond The Shock 5:34                      Happy Endings 3:46

Moving Day 3:45                                  Picture 6:13

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