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Energy Slime (indie rock, power pop)

Alongside the starry-eyed synth-pop and minor key melancholia of his self-titled debut, Vancouver’s Jay Arner has mastered the art of deadpan absurdity. Oddball jokes and non-sequiturs linger around the edges of computer-animated music videos and sketchbook scribbles transformed into t-shirts. Now, joined by his partner in crime Jessica Delisle, these poker-faced put-ons have been conjured into a blob of pure sonic ectoplasm. Say hi to Energy Slime!

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Energy Slime - New Dimensional -


Bustin Up                                               Only Clouds

Cool Ship II                                            Gas In A Bag

Graham Fucks The Queen                    Star On The Ground

Mother Brother Sister Father                 Trial Of The Mind

Why U Wanna                                       So Long Snakes

New Dimensional - 2014


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