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Fair Warning (hardcore punk)

Fair Warning was a popular Montréal hardcore/punk band who formed in 1983. They released one album called ‘You Are the Scene’ in 1985 and appeared on at least two compilation albums including the successful ‘Primitive Air Raid’ album. They split up in 1987 but reunited in 2004 after Sonik’s Chicken Shrimp Records re-issued their album on CD. Members included Sylvan Fournier (vocals) / Stephane Demers (drums) / Clank  (bass) / Mark Dembinski (lead guitar) / John Robusto (rhythm guitar) - Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

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Time & Place                                               Second Chance

Blood On The Bumper                                 Skating

Do You Know What You Do?                       Frayed Nerves

6 O'Clock Blues (Pt. 2)                                Caught In A Trap

Wake Me Up                                                Problems

Could Be Worse                                           Bag Ladies

You Are The Scene

You Are The Scene! - 1985

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