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Fat As Fuck

Toronto, Ontario

A torrid love affair once shook the very foundations of the cosmos. The Gods of music looked down on this convergence of a multitude of lusts and passions in wonderment. One day approximately 9 months later, FAT AS FUCK was born. Who was the father? King Crimson? Paul Oakenfold? Iron Maiden? Ronald McDonald? Not even Maury Povich knows for sure. ... From Toronto, ON. - Fat As Fuck



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Years Active


2009 - present



Master Of Coin

Here Comes Honeyboy

The Legend Of Raiden Trad



Jon Hyde - drums
Jon Amador - bass
Steve Lavery - synthesizers...
Nic Ladouceur - guitar
Tom Moffett - trumpet
Julian Nalli - sax
Nathan Dell-Vandenberg - trombone
Leland Whitty - sax/ guitar

Music & Merch

Fat As Fuck - 2012

Fat As Fuck - 2014

Honeyboy - 2015

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