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Five Man Electrical Band (rock, psychedelic rock)

Originally known as The Staccatos formed in Ottawa, Ontario the group formed in the mid-'60s and earned their first big break with the 1967 hit "Half Past Midnight"; their first attempt at stateside success came that year when they recorded A Wild Pair with the Guess Who. The album sold well and "Half Past Midnight" was released as a single in the U.S., but the group was dismissed as sounding too much like the Beach Boys. The Staccatos released their second album, Five Man Electrical Band, in 1968, and renamed themselves after it the following year. The group featured guitarist/vocalist Les Emmerson, bassist Brian Rading, keyboardist Ted Gerow, and drummers Rick Belanger and Mike Belanger.


Five Man Electrical Band 3:20                        Last Time I Saw Memphis 3:25

Private Train 2:20                                           Half Past Midnight 2:25

You're Going To Lose That Girl 2:11               Maple Lane 2:59

Black Sheep Of The Family 2:24                    Fancy Dancin' Man 2:23

We Go Together Well 3:22                              Didn't Know The Time 2:24

Running Back 2:28

Five Man Electrical Band - 1969


Signs 4:05                                                     Safe And Sound (With Jesus) 3:30

Dance Of The Swamp Woman 3:51              Butterfly 4:52

Hello Melinda Goodbye 3:15                         Moonshine (Friend Of Mine) 2:10

Forever Together 2:35                                   Mama's Baby Child 3:32

Man With The Horse And Wagon 4:45         All Is Right (With The World Tonight)) 3:45

Variations On A Theme Of Lepidoptera 2:45

Good-byes & Butterflies - 1970


Coming Of Age 8:29                                      Find The One 3:48

Absolutely Right 2:14                                     Country Girl 10:34

Country Girl Of Mine                                      The Devil And Miss Lucy

She Used To Be My Woman

Julianna 3:55                                                 Friends & Family 4:55

Isn't It A Long Hard Road 3:01                      Me & Harley Davidson 3:20

Whole Lotta Heavy (Reprise) 2:26

Coming Of Age - 1971


I'm A Stranger Here 4:00                               Back Home 3:42

(Now I'm) Out In The Cold Again 2:31           Doin' The Best We Can Rag 4:12

Baby Wanna Boogie 2:41                              Bring Back The Sunshine 4:23

Sweet Paradise 4:58                                     We Play Rock 'N Roll 4:49

She Sure Could Sing The Blues 3:58            Money Back Guarantee 3:20


Sweet Paradise - 1973

Five Man Electrical Band - The Power Of


A1 Signs 4:04                                            A2 Moonshine (Friend Of Mine) 2:06

A3 The Devil And Miss Lucy (Country Girl) 2:55

A4 Hello Melinda Goodbye 3:14               A5 Money Back Guarantee 3:20

B1 Johnny Get A Gun 3:25                        B2 I'm A Stranger Here 3:21

B3 Julianna 3:37                                        B4 Absolutely Right 2:18

B5 Werewolf 3:35

The Power Of... - 1975


Signs (LP Version) 4:02                               Dance Of The Swamp Woman 3:57

Hello Melinda, Goodbye 3:16                      Moonshine (Friend Of Mine) 2:09

The Man With The Horse And Wagon 4:44

Absolutely Right 2:18                                  Coming Of Age 4:15

Country Girl Suite 10:36                              Julianna 3:38

I'm A Stranger Here (LP Version) 3:40         We Play Rock 'N Roll 4:45

Money Back Guarantee 3:21                       Werewolf 3:33

Signs (Single Version) 3:03                         I'm A Stranger Here (Single Version) 3:20

Absolutely Right - 1995

The Best Of - 2009


1 Signs                                                      2 Moonshine (Friend Of Mine)

3 Hello Melinda, Goodbye                        4 Dance Of The Swamp Woman

5 The Man With The Horse And Wagon   6 Absolutely Right

7 Julianna                                                 8 Coming Of Age

9 Country Girl Suite: Part 1: That Country Girl Of Mine

10 Country Girl Suite: Part 2: The Devil And Miss Lucy

11 Country Girl Suite: Part 3: She Used To Be My Woman

12 I'm A Stranger Here                             13 We Play Rock N Roll

14 Money Back Guarantee                       15 Find The One

16 Werewolf


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