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The Follow Ups

Moncton, New Brunswick

The Follow Ups hail from Moncton, New Brunswick where they've been been smashing out punk rock for the past two years. Having made their debut with an EP on cd called "The Half Of It" (2017) with much acclaims and shining reviews throughout North America and the world. They're back this October with their first full length album on vinyl called "...Don't Like You Either" out now on Punk & Disorderly Records (CAN), Mom's Cellar Dwellers (US), Stardumb Records (EUR). They've started their canadian tour on October 3 making stops in Quebec & Ontario with more dates coming up this month in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.




Punk rock

Awards & Accolades


New Artist


Years Active


2017- present


The Half Of It


Crystal Lake


Mike K - Guitar/Vocals, Tyler A - Guitar/Vocals, Jamie O - Bass/Vocals, Greg M - Drums/Vocals

Music & Merch

Follow Ups - The Half Of It - 2017.jpg
Follow Ups - Don't Like You Either - 201

The Half Of It - 2017

Don't Like You Either - 2019

Follow Ups - Covers Live - 2020.jpg

Covers/Live - 2020

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Punk & Disorderly Records

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