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Furnaceface (punk, indie rock)

Furnaceface was a punk and ska-influenced indie rock band formed in Ottawa, Ontario which was active from 1989 to 1999. The group consisted of vocalist and guitarist Pat Banister, vocalist and bassist Tom Stewart, and drummer Dave Dudley. In 1993, Furnaceface won the Canadian Music Video Association Award for best independent video for “About to Drown" from Just Buy It., and another one a couple of years later for Best Editing for “How Happy Do You Want to Be?” from This Will Make You Happy.- Wikipedia


New Pad                                                             I Don't Think

Back For More                                                    Disco

White Boys                                                         Kid (You've Got It Made)

Lady From The Emassy                                     Sucked Into Drugland

Instrumental (With Words)                                 To A White Girl

Porkbellies                                                          Let's Live

Let Down Your Cool

Let It Down - 1990


Just Buy It                                                        About To Drown

Down The Drain                                               She Think's She's Fat

Can't Help Who You Love                                Kkkiss My Ass

We Love You, Tipper Gore                               Fatherland America

While My Dad Gently Weeps                           Government Cheque

Fat (Reprise)                                                    Shakey Thing

Just Buy It - 1992


Instructions                                                          Live + Die

Get Myself Together                                            The Ballad Of Richard Iommi

If You Love Her (Would You Buy Her A Gun?)     Nice Suit... Asshole!

Credit Card                                                          Excuse Me

Mall Culture Superstar                                         2 Punks, A Dad, And A Snowboard

I Drew A Circle                                                     You Poison My Cup

Can't Get To Sleep                                               Filler

Beg Your Pardon                                                  How Happy Do You Want To Be?

This Will Make You Happy - 1994


Calender                                                           Ode To Grant Hart

Slip And Stumble                                               Overcome

Quarantine                                                        Ed Acranez

Trailer Park                                                       Rub Me The Wrong Way

Biff Bang Pow                                                   Calling From The Lord

Unsafe@anyspeed                                           Clobbering Time

Unsafe@anyspeed - 1996


1 And The Days Are Short Again...                    2 You Never Let Me Down

3 Heartless                                                        4 I'm Getting Fat

5 Victory                                                            6 Wicked World

7 Lucky #7                                                         8 23:59

9 Cold Outside                                                 10 Talk Around The World

11 Crashing Down                                            12 Too Many Nuts

And The Days Are Short Again - 1999


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