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Glamatron (new wave, electronic)

Rude Van Steenes' Glamatron! was the antithesis of his previous Toronto punk act Arson. Channeling his anger into a New Wave stew of his heroes from the seventies like Bowie, Roxy Music, Lou Reed, Marc Bolan & T-Rex, in image while singing songs of isolation and experimentation that was distinctly Euro flavoured. The band did only three shows: one at the Domino Klub in Toronto, one for a live CBC new music series, and a college show. They were aloof and secretive to the point of re-buffing CITY-TV's 'New Music' show host Jeanne Bekker who had wanted an interview during their Domino Klub show. 'Only The Heart Beats...Inside The Silence' (1981) was their only release. Local rock station Q107-FM played their instrumental track called "Passport" in light rotation.

Glamatron - Only The Heart Beats...Insid

Only The Heart Beats...Inside The Silence - 1981


A1 Passport (Instrumental)

A2 Facial Saviour

A3 Factor 2-2-2

B1 The Word (Death In September)

B2 Continentals

B3 Porcelain Doll


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