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The Great Scots (garage rock)

The Great Scots were a garage rock group from Halifax, Nova Scotia. They began officially in 1963 as the Shadows, changing their name to the Beavers (all wearing Mohawk haircuts) the following year and finally becoming the Great Scots by December 1964. The original lineup consisted of guitarist Bill Schnare, singer Rick McNeil, bassist Dave Isnor, drummer Gerry Archer and guitarist Wayne Forrest. Hailed in the Canadian press as "Canada's answer to the Beatles," the group flew down to California in 1965, looking for bigger horizons to conquer. Working out of Hollywood during that time period, the group capitalized on their Scottish heritage and wore Nova Scotian tartan kilts onstage, causing quite a stir everywhere they played.

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A1 Don't Want Your Love 2:26                         A2 My Baby's Name 2:23

A3 Any Other Boy 1:51                                    A4 Give Me Lovin' 2:27

A5 That's My Girl  2:27                                    B1 That Wasn't No Girl 

B2 I Want To Know 1:56                                   B3 Tell Her Please 2:41

B4 Lucille 2:38                                                 B5 Lost In Conversation 2:26

Arrive - 2000


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