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Guy Smiley (punk)

Formed in 1992 in Winnipeg, Canada, Guy Smiley have been entertaining audiences around the globe with their energetic and fast paced live performances making a name for Canadian Hardcore and solidifying a spot in the history and evolution of this style of music in Canada. The band has managed to capture an intense style of music, while still remaining melodic. Band members include Derek Kun on vocals, Ryan Francis on drums, Paul Stewart on Guitar and Jamie Fyles on Bass guitar. The band's first album "Auger" is strictly a Canadian release on the record label Smallman Records.

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Guy Smiley - Can't Turn Back - 1997.jpg

Can't Turn Back - 1997


Answer Authority                                Wavelength

Girl Guide                                           Under The Trust

Roll Call                                              Everlast

Super Hero Know It All                       Lead Strong

Cellophane                                         Six And Counting

Lawn Dart                                          One Call Waiting

The Canadian Way


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Guy Smiley - Auger - 1997.jpg


1 Subdivide                                       2 Cowboy

3 8 X 10                                             4 Everlast

5 Deepend                                        6 Autumn

7 Blur                                                 8 Felt Type Dream

9 Colour Red                                    10 I Saw You There

11 Face The Day

Auger - 1997

guy Smiley - Alkaline - 1999.jpg


Intro                                                 Tunnel Vision

Father's Day                                    Alkaline

A Better Friend                                Breakdown

Closure                                            Waste Away

Seventeen Forever                         Tightrope

When We Went To Shows              Strength In Numbers

The Kids                                          The Canadian Way

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Alkaline - 1999