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HUIS (neo-prog rock)

Huis ("home doors" in french, and "house" in dutch) is a five member musical project from Québec officially formed by Pascal Lapierre and Michel Joncas at the end of 2009, after an oustanding and inspiring trip in the Netherlands. The music is a well crafted progressive rock with a symphonic touch and the use of Hammond, Moog and Mellotron takes us back to the old prog rock sound of the 70's. The guitar playing of St-Pere brings a big influence of the Neo-Prog band Mystery and many others Neo-Prog bands that put the melody and vocals upfront with strong compositions skills. The band has released is first studio album in January 2014, " Despite Guardian Angels".

Huis - Despite Guardian Angels -

Despite Guardian Angels - 2014

Huis - Neither In Heaven - 2016.jpg

Neither In Heaven - 2016

Huis - Abandoned - 2019.jpg

Abandoned - 2019

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