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Idyl Tea (indie rock)

Idyl Tea is an Edmonton-based trio that was active between 1984 and 1995 (the band reunited in 2009). The group’s mix of humour, chutzpah and a sound that combined guitar-based post-punk with folk jangle and catchy power pop melodies won the band a loyal following in Canada and garnered press coverage from The Globe and Mail, Rock Express, Toronto’s NOW Magazine and MuchMusic television. The group consists of Hank Engel on bass guitar and vocals, Everett LaRoi on guitar and vocals and Craig Metcalfe on drums. Idyl Tea’s first official release came in 1985 with a song named “Awfully Nice Eyes”.

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Idyl Tea - How I See This Table - 1986.j

How I See This Table - 1986


A1 Awfully Nice Eyes

A2 Not Without Her

B1 Eyes Down

B2 Seems No Matter

B3 In The Blue

Idyl Tea - Idyl Tea - 1990.jpg

Idyl Tea - 1990


Tryin' To Get Back                                Comin' Round

Oh Brother                                            Ruin Your Life

Telephone Call From God Knows Where

Heartbeat Song                                    Mr. Air Traffic Controller

Untitled Folk Song                                            

Sad So Long                                        I'm Here

You Groovy World

Idyl Tea - Song That's Not Finished Yet

Song That's Not Finished Yet - 2011


1 Start All Over Again                              2 A Guitar And A Broken Heart

3 Song That's Not Finished Yet               4 The Same Thing

5 Big News                                              6 Forever Girl

7 Walking In The Dark                             8 Penitent Song

9 Pull Of Fear                                         10 What's The Matter With You

11 Just A Road                                       12 Lil' Two Stepper

13 I Better Git Gone                               14 Dark Day In Edmonton


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