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Jackson Delta (blues)

Jackson Delta were a blues musical group from Peterborough, Ontario.  They are two-time Juno Award nominees for Best Roots and Traditional Album, receiving nods at the Juno Awards of 1991 for Acoustic Blues and at the Juno Awards of 1993 for I Was Just Thinking That.  The band's members are Gary Peeples on vocals, slide guitar and dobro; Rick Fines on guitar; and Al Black on drums, harmonica and washboard.  The band recorded their debut album Delta Sunrise in Memphis, Tennessee, and released it in 1989. They released Acoustic Blues in 1990 and Looking Back in 1991.

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Jackson Delta - Acoustic Blues -

Acoustic Blues - 1989


Statesborough Blues 3:39                                    I Need You By My Side 2:45

Back Up From Zero 3:43                                      Path To The Liquor Store 3:30

Sugar Bee 3:24                                                    Baby Please Don't Go 4:46

I Ain't Got No Baby Now 3:23                               Bad News Blues 3:29

Sink Or Swim 2:58                                               Talk To Your Mama 3:29

C.C. Rider 2:53                                                    John Hardy4:32

Jackson Delta - Lookin' Back - 1991.jpg

Lookin' Back - 1991


Lookin' Back 4:15                                                Fool In Love 3:37

Goin' Back To Memphis 3:40                               My Mistake 3:50

Honey, What's Wrong With You 4:00                   My Ears Keep Hearing Voices 3:00

Little Sister's Gonna Be Alright 2:54                    The Feel Of Uncertainty 3:45

Silly Rules 2:50                                                    Unpaid Bills Blues 3:15

I Sleep With A Ghost 5:00                                    Crazy (About You) 3:30

Worried Life 4:25


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