Jay Bowcott (blues, rock)

Jay Bowcott currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. He has been hard at it in the music scene for over 10 years touring Canada a number of times over the years and slugging out a living with his guitar within Alberta. Jay's following has been growing in the last couple years with solo performances as well as debuting his new band "Rooks".  He has worked in the past with producer Leeroy Stagger on two albums, Enslow's Drifters and his solo album Morning Sky Blues. He has had supporting slots with artists, Ed Kowalczyk (of Live), and Glass Tiger. As well as headlining a number of gigs across Southern Alberta at countless venues. - Jay Bowcott


Jay Bowcott - Constant Rain - 2013.jpg

Constant Rain - 2013

Morning Sky Blues - 2014

Jay Bowcott - Chidult - 2018.jpg

Chidult - 2018

Jay Bowcott - Bellow - 2019.jpg

Bellow - 2019

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