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Johnny and the Moon  (indie rock, pop)

Johnny and the Moon is an indie rock band based in Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia. The band is fronted by Dante DeCaro of Hot Hot Heat and Wolf Parade and also includes Lindy Gerrard, Mark Devoe, and Jeff "Big Juicy Papa" Phillips. The band was formed in 2006. Their name is a play on the 1959 band Johnny and the Moondogs, the precursor to Beatles. The band released its self-titled debut album in 2006 on British Columbia based label Kill Devil Hills Records..

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Johnny and the Moon - Johnny and the Moo

Johnny and the Moon - 2007


1 Green Rocky Road                                        2 Kid Heaven

3 The Ballad Of Scarlet Town                           4 Johnny And The Moon

5 When You're All Alone                                    6 All Things Gonna Come Back Around

7 Little Red Cot                                                 8 Oleanna

9 Scarlet Town Pt. II                                          10 Tamed A Lion

11 When I Die                                     

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