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Winnipeg, Manitoba

KEN mode is comprised of Jesse Matthewson (Guitar, Piano, Vocals), Shane Matthewson (Drums) and bassist Skot Hamilton. Formed in 1999, in Winnipeg, KEN mode cut their teeth in the early aughts with a pair of records 2003’s Mongrel and 2006’s Reprisal. The group would find breakout underground notoriety with their Juno award-winning album, 2011’s Kurt Ballou (Converge, High on Fire, Code Orange) produced Venerable. This marked a decided shift for the band, embarking on an unrelenting touring schedule for the following 5 years; releasing two additional full lengths – 2013’s Entrench and 2015’s Success (both Juno-nominated and highly critically-acclaimed).  Burnout was inevitable, and in 2016 the band took a step back to regroup.  In 2017 the band began writing with a newfound focus and desire, in the most collaborative effort they have ever put together. - KENmode




Noise rock, punk, hardcore metal

Awards & Accolades


Juno for Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year in 2012 for Venerable, and were Juno-nominated for 2013’s Entrench and 2015’s Success too.


Years Active


1999 - present



Feathers And Lips


Counter culture complex


Jesse Matthewson (Guitar, Piano, Vocals), Shane Matthewson (Drums) and bassist Skot Hamilton

Music & Merch

KEN mode - Mongrel - 2003.jpg
KEN mode - Reprisal - 2006.jpg
KEN mode - Mennonite - 2008.jpg

Mongrel - 2003

Reprisal - 2006

Mennonite - 2008

KEN mode - Venerable - 2011.jpg
KEN mode - Entrench - 2013.jpg
KEN mode - Success - 2015.jpg

Venerable - 2011

Entrench - 2013

Success - 2015

KEN mode - Loved - 2018.jpg
listen harder.jpg

Loved - 2018