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Kensington Market (psychedelic rock, pop)

Kensington Market was a Toronto-based rock band, active from 1967 to 1969. Named after a downtown Toronto neighbourhood, it was formed by singer/songwriter and guitarist Keith McKie (from St Albans, England, immigrated to Canada in April 1953), formerly with The Vendettas, with guitarist and pianist Gene Martynec from Bobby Kris & The Imperials. The original line up was completed with former Vendettas' bass player Alex Darou and drummer Jimmy Watson. Former Luke & The Apostles frontman, singer/songwriter Luke Gibson was added later in 1967, and synthesizer player John Mills-Cockell joined as a member in 1969. In 1968, the Market did the soundtrack to the NFB film The Ernie Game. Later that year, they released the album Avenue Road, produced by Felix Pappalardi, followed by a tour of the United States.

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Kensington Market - Avenue Road - 1968.j

Avenue Road - 1968


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I Would Be The One 2:37                            Speaking Of Dreams 2:26

Colour Her Sunshine 3:00                           Phoebe 3:38

Aunt Violet's Knee 4:21                               Coming Home Soon 2:45

Presenting Myself Lightly 2:15                    Looking Glass 3:21

Beatrice 2:20                                               Girl Is Young 3:08

Kensington Market - Aardvark - 1969.jpg


Help Me 2:45                                              If It Is Love 2:42

I Know You 1:58                                         The Thinker 2:27

Half Closed Eyes 2:29                               Said I Could Be Happy 2:21

Ciao 1:13                                                   Ow-ing Man 2:35

Side I Am 3:17                                           Think About The Times 2:53

Have You Come To See 3:03                    Cartoon 2:30

Dorian 6:46

Aardvark - 1969

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