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Les Napoleans

Montreal, Quebec

This Montreal band featured brothers Francois, Jean Guy, and Renald De Levo, with Richard Tardif on drums. They started out playing surf rock under the name The Fendertones, before becoming The Ventures. By 1964 they'd won a local talent contest which included a chance to record for the small Canadian Passe Temps label .  Adapting to changing popular tastes, they dropped the surf rock repertoire, added vocals and hired rhythm guitarist Jacques Lachapelle. Released by Passe Temps, the band debuted with the 1966 single "Fou De Toi" b/w "Tu Es Partis". Showcasing their new garage rock sound, the single sold well, leading Passe Temps to finance a supporting LP.




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1963 - 1969


Fou De Toi


Tout S'Arranger


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Les Napoleans A Go Go - 1966

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