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Linda McRae

Vancouver, British Columbia

BC‘s Hall of Fame Pioneer Artist Linda McRae is a storyteller with a touring career spanning three decades. Her unforgettable melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, imbued with compassion, love and wonder, carve their way into the heart. Her musicianship on banjo, guitar and accordion distinguish her as one of the true, soulful pioneers of honest roots music. She is also an experienced and empathetic teacher presenting her Express Yourself Writing Workshops in partnership with festivals, youth and adult correctional facilities and recovery facilities. She earned two platinum and three gold records as a long-time member of Spirit of the West. She left the band to resume her solo career and has since released several critically acclaimed recordings.

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Folk, roots

Awards & Accolades


two platinum and three gold records as a member of Spirit of the West


Years Active


1980 - present



Three Midnights

The Station

Flowers Of Appalachia


Linda McRae

Music & Merch

Linda McRae - Flying Jenny - 1997.jpg
Linda McRae - Cryin' Out Loud - 2004.jpg
Linda McRae - Carve It To The Heart - 20

Flying Jenny - 1997

Cryin' Out Loud - 2004

Carve It To The Heart - 2007

Linda McRae - Rough Edges & Ragged Heart
Linda McRae - Fifty Shades Of Red - 2014
Linda McRae - Shadow Trails - 2015.jpg

Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts - 2012

Fifty changes Of Red - 2014

Shadow Trails - 2015

Linda McRae - Going To the Well - 2019.j
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Going To The Well - 2019