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Lips (hard rock)

Lips was a heavy metal band formed in the late 70's and based in Toronto. Members included Steve Kudlow - guitar, vocals, Robb Reiner - drums, Dave Allison - guitar and Ian Dickson - bass. Kudlow and Reiner started to play together in 1973 in a band called Gravestone, along with a friend, Marty Hoffman, as second guitarist. They released one album before signing with Attic Records and changing their name to Anvil in 1981.


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A1 School Love 3:15                                         A2 AC/DC 4:42

A3 At The Apartment 5:20                                 A4 I Want You Both (With Me) 3:20

A5 Bedroom Game 4:00                                   B1 Ooh Baby 2:56

B2 Paint It Black 3:52                                       B3 Oh Jane 4:54

B4 Hot Child 4:10                                             B5 Bondage 4:31


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Hard 'n Heavy - 1981

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