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Lisa Hartt (prog rock)

By the time Lisa Hartt (aka Lisa Eisenhart) was fifteen she was performing as a backup vocalist for bands in Montreal. She took the stage name Lisa Hartt. In 1973, while in Montreal, she formed her own band called The Lisa Hartt Band. After a few changes in the line-up, by 1976 the band consisted of bass player Denny Gerrard (Paupers, Lighthouse), guitarist and vocalist Rayburn Blake (Mashmakhan), keyboard player and vocalist Richard Yuen (Tranquillity Base) and drummer and vocalist Marty Cordrey (Bearfoot, Small Wonder). Lisa Hartt was the lead vocalist and also played acoustic guitar. The Lisa Hartt Band released four singles starting in 1975. They released an album in 1976 called Starwatcher with marquee producers Phil Ramone and Ralph Murphy.

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Lisa Hartt Band - Starwatcher - 1976.jpg

Starwatcher - 1976


A1 Old Time Movie 3:57                                    A2 Dream Me Away 3:36

A3 Starwatcher 3:48                                          A4 Dance Of Death 6:55

B1 Sweet Serenade 3:59                                  B2 Easy Come, Easy Go 2:55

B3 Time And Time Again 5:14                            B4 Didn't You Know 4:40

B5 All Over The World 3:58


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