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Logan and Nathan (indie folk)

Vancouver-based duo Logan and Nathan invite you to a tender freak-folk dance of early love and passion. The couple's music meets at the confluence of Nathan Turner's west coast salt-water swagger and Logan Thackray's wild Rocky mountain meltwater. Guitar and banjo duel, vocals are shared and swapped, and lyrics are filled with intimacy, longing and critical thought.  Art, travel, connections, community and people are brought together in Logan and Nathan’s lives and music. Leaving us to wonder where their sound will turn next, just like the mixing waters that they are.

Logan and Nathan

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Logan and Nathan - Chasing Tales And A F

Chasing Tales And A Few Other Things - 2018


1 Ida Mae                                                      2 Living Off Your Love

3 Come for Me                                              4 Old Dog

5 Tes Yeux                                                    6 Good Love

7 This Love                                                   8 Hello Gordon

9 This Heart                                                 10 Carried Hearts

11 Might Get Lonely                                     12 Monarch Dragon

13 Voices Calling                                         14 Beautiful Sight

Logan Thackray - Four Legs (EP) - 2019.j

Four Legs (EP) - 2019


1. Young One 04:02

2. Keep Yours 04:35

3. Four Legs 03:17

4. Hold On 04:29

5. Secrets 04:43

Logan and Nathan - The Happening - 2020.

The Happening - 2020


Stumble 4:06                                           How Does It Feel 5:15

Lonely 5:20                                              The Happening 5:23

Where Do We Go 4:02                            Forget Myself 4:36

Nostalgia 3:46                                         Silhouette Canvas 5:28

High On You 5:24                                    One Love, Big Heart 4:31

Come On Under 5:10


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