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MacLean & MacLean

Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

MacLean & MacLean were a Juno-nominated musical-comedy duo who performed regularly in Canada between 1972 and 1998 and also recorded seven albums. The duo consisted of brothers Gary MacLean (25 June 1944 – 5 December 2001) and Blair MacLean (2 December 1942 – 29 October 2008). The MacLeans were originally from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia but were later based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Controversial for their use of strong language, at one point they had to appeal for the right to perform at the level of the Supreme Court of Canada. The title of their album Locked Up for Laughs refers to an incident when they were actually put in jail in Kingston, Ontario after a charge of public indecency at a live performance.  Gary MacLean, 57, died in 2001 of throat cancer.  Blair MacLean died on 29 October 2008 at age 65 due to a heart attack according to his family.
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Years Active


1972 - 1998



Dirty French Song

Dolli Parten's Tits

Jesus Was Just A Guy


Gary MacLean

Blair MacLean

Music & Merch

Toilet Rock - 1974

Bitter Reality - 1976

Locked Up For Laughs - 1981 

Go To Hell - 1983

Suck Their Way To The Top/Taking The "O" Out Of Country - 1980

Cruel Cuts - 1985

The Dirty Thirty - 1989

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