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Michel Normandeau (prog, folk)

Michel Normandeau is a singer and songwriter from Quebec best known for being a founding member and guitarist/accordionist of the group Harmonium. Normandeau left that band before the release of their third album. Following extensive travels in Europe and Africa and recorded his solo album 'Jouer' in 1979. In recent years Normandeau, following years of public service in the Canadian Department of Heritage, has scored and performed a musical ('Mademoiselle de Paris') which recounts the life and times of his grandfather. He also hosts 'Les Divines Tentations', a Radio Canada program dedicated to French song.

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Jouer - 1979


Misère! 4:27                                             Berceuse Pour Ma Ville 5:38

Tant Qu'il Y Aura Des Mots 5:03              Vendredi 13 2:56

Les Retrouvailles 4:46                             Jouer 4:58

L'air De Rien 6:26                                    Valse A '80 2:38


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