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Mo Kenney (adult alternative)

Mo (Morgan) Kenney (born 1990) is a singer/songwriter based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Catching the ear of noted Canadian rocker Joel Plaskett while still in school, Kenney released her first album in 2012, which Plaskett produced. Kenney is known for her lyrical prowess and engaging stage presence. Called "Nova Scotia's rising star" by The Scene magazine, she has toured with Plaskett as well as with Ron Sexsmith. In 2013, her song “Sucker” won the prestigious SOCAN Songwriting Prize. In 2016 she received a JUNO nomination for Adult Alternative Album of the Year - "In My Dreams"

Mo Kenney

Mo Kenney - Mo Kenney - 2012.jpg

Mo Kenney - 2012


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Eden 2:16                                                Sucker 2:44

The Great Escape 2:13                           I Can't Talk 3:04

Scene Of The Crime 4:31                       The Happy Song 2:44

In My Lungs 4:33                                    Déjà Vu 2:42

Five Years 4:34                                       Carnivore4:06

Mo Kenney - The Details - 2017.jpg


Cats Not A Cake                                   On The Roof

Details                                                  June 3rd

Maybe I Am                                          Counting

Out The Window                                  If You're Not Dead

Unglued                                               I Can't Wait

Video Game Music                              Lights Out

Punchy                                                Feelin Good

The Details - 2017

Mo Kenney - In My Dreams - 2014.jpg


I Faked It                                               Take Me Outside

Telephones                                            Mountains To The Mess

Field Song                                             Untouchable

Pretty Things                                         In My Dreams

Wind Will Blow                                      Dancing

In My Dreams - 2014

Mo Kenney - Covers - 2021.jpg


1 Thirteen 3:00                                        2 Slow Death 4:00

3 Hard On You 3:14                                4 Game Of Pricks 2:37

5 Sour Girl 2:57                                       6 Strange Powers 3:06

7 Yer So Bad 2:32                                   8 You Belong To Me 2:40

9 I'm Not Like Everybody Else 2:59       10Swimming Song 2:36

Covers - 2021

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