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Mock Duck (psychedelic rock)

Vancouver in the 60's was very active with many great yet unknown acts and Mock Duck was one of them. They played around Vancouver in several incarnations from 1966 until 1970, touting their acid/jazz/rock style of music in many local venues. "Test Record" was actually an acetate pressing made of tracks 1 through 5. To the best of everyone's knowledge, only 14 copies were ever pressed, making it perhaps one of the rarest records in Canadian music history.  Mock Duck were a driving force behind Vancouver's emerging cultural revolution in the 1960's. 

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Mock Duck - Test Record - 1968.jpg

Test Record - 1968


Home Made Jam 12:44

Groundhog 4:58

Hurt On Me 2:47

Sitting On Top Of The World 4:14

My Time 6:39

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