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Mystery Machine

Vancouver, British Columbia

Mystery Machine are a rock band formed in 1990 in Vancouver. The core of the band consisted of Jordan Pratt, Luke Rogalsky, Bean and Shane Ward.  After winning the Vancouver Shindig contest the band was signed to Nettwerk Records. The band released their first album, Glazed, in 1993 and toured extensively in support of the album. Before working on a new record, Bean left the band and was replaced by Norm Thody from the band Captain Gravity.  - Wikipedia

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Alternative, Electronic, Industrial


Associated Acts




Years Active


1990 - present


Valley Song


Pound For Pound


Current Members: Luke Rogalsky - vocals, guitars, Bean - guitar, vocals, Shane Ward - bass, Mario Nieva - drums
Original Members:  Luke Rogalsky - vocals, guitars, Bean - guitar, vocals, Shane Ward - bass, Jordan Pratt - drums, vocals
Other Members over the years include:
Dean Young - guitar, vocals, Cary (Cozy Pines) Britton - Keyboards, Norm Thody - guitars

Music & Merch

Mystery Machine - Stain (EP) - 1992.jpg

Stain (EP) - 1992

Mystery Machine - Glazed - 1992.jpg
Mystery Machine - 10 Speed - 1996.jpg

Glazed - 1992

10 Speed - 1996

Mystery Machine - Headfirst Into Everyth

Headfirst Into Everything - 1998

Mystery Machine - Western Magnetics - 20

Western Magnetics - 2012