The New Customs

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hardly afraid of the “F Word”, The New Customs are proud to call themselves FOLK! Deeply rooted in the tradition of capturing a story in a song, the Indie-Folk duo take a bold and evocative approach to songwriting. With two strong voices, guitar, mandolin and fiddle in hand, Emma Cloney & Dale Brown use their anthemic heart and Americana backbone to charm audiences with a bombastic electrifying sound.  Their latest project, Selling Religion on Government Street, builds on the Winnipeg duo’s knack for telling it like it is, tracing its roots back to their debut album “All Walls Fall” which took its inspiration from the wake of the 2016 US election.  - The New Customs



Indie folk

Awards & Accolades


Received a “FACTOR Artist Development Grant” for “All Walls Fall” (2016-2017)

Received Manitoba Film and Sound “Regional Artist Touring Support Grants” on 8 occasions


Years Active


2016 - present



Trouble Follow Him No More

Leave Me Cold

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Emma Cloney & Dale Brown

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All Walls Fall - 2017

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