Ninjas And Aliens

Montreal, Quebec

Ninjas and Aliens is a 3 piece punk rock band from Montreal Qc, founded by Joel Lanzo (vocals/guitar) and Marc Egglefield (bass). Antony Jomphe (drums) joined N&A in December 2016. They believe that every show must be a party.  Their music can be described as skate an pop punk meets the nineties, with some great guitar solos from leader Joel. The band released their self-titled debut album in 2015.  - Ninjas And Aliens



Punk, pop punk

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2015 - present



Internet Girl

Live At Montebello

No fun


Joel Lanzo (vocals/guitar) and Marc Egglefield (bass). Antony Jomphe (drums)

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Ninjas And Aliens - 2015

Come Together - 2018

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