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One Ton (electronic, dance, pop)

One Ton was a dance music group, active in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Incorporating world music influences such as reggae and flamenco, the band released two albums and garnered a Juno Award nomination for New Group of the Year at the Juno Awards of 2003. Initially consisting of Byron Mikaloff, Cristobal Tapia de Veer, Kyle Girgan and Billy Martin, the group was formed in Quebec City in 1997 as The Blokes. After changing their name to One Ton they released their debut album Beginning of a New Race in 1999.

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One Ton - Beginning Of A New Race - 1999

Beginning Of A New Race - 1999


1 My Alien Sex Friend                                          2 Cheeseboat

3 Diablesse                                                          4 Calling You (Sick Mix)

5 Tongue Stuck On The Sun                               6 Super Sex World

7 Orgasm 2000

Funky Butt Trilogy

8 Acid Mix                                                           9 Edit

10 Mars Mix

One Ton - Abnormal Pleasures - 2002.jpg

Abnormal Pleasures - 2002


La Fruita 1:23                                                   Interlude 0:40

My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Lolita) 4:44        Planet #9 4:22

Another Miracle 4:16                                        Let The Music Play 4:24

Tropical Paradise 5:25                                     Kiss Of Bliss 4:54

Paper Thin 5:40                                               I'm Still In Love With You 4:41

Dolphin Song 7:05                                           Tongue Stuck On The Sun 3:33

Supersexworld (Spanish Mix) 3:58                  Bright Morning In Utopia 3:57

Untitled 3:59                                                     Ser Perfecto 3:42

La Sirena 7:11


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